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Vogels - Vogels Display Mounts : THIN series

Vogel’s new “virtually invisible” THIN Series

Vogels - Vogels Display Mounts : THIN series


  • Stylish and practical
  • For all your viewing needs


Vogel's, from the Netherlands, is the one of the world's largest manufacturers of audio / visual mounting solutions. Vogel's offer a wide range of mounts, supports and mounting solutions for LCD/LED and Plasma TVs, projectors, audio visual equipment and loudspeakers. Vogel’s mounts and supports are designed to allow you to fully enjoy your audio/video equipment, aesthetically pleasing whilst being unobtrusive, easy to use, highly adaptable and practical.

The whole purpose of an ultra thin TV is having it blend into its surroundings. Now you can achieve this look with Vogel’s new “virtually invisible” THIN Series. This ultra thin, ultra chic line is specially designed to make your flat screen TV look fantastic, while staying securely in place. Whether you want to tilt it, turn it or just enjoy the view, it’s all possible with a unique LED TV mount from the THIN Series.

Stylish and practical. Want to mount your LED TV closer to the wall? Vogel’s THIN Series offers the flat mounting solutions to do just that. Each LED TV mount from the THIN Series is an ultra thin mounting solution that offers easy access to the cables on the back of the screen. It also allows plenty of air circulation to keep the TV cool. You can rely on a secure and dependable support that comes with a lifelong guarantee with this LED TV mount. The quality and certainty you expect from Vogel’s.

For all your viewing needs. If you are looking for the right LED TV mount for your brand new ultra thin LED TV, you can be sure that Vogel’s revolutionary new THIN Series will meet all your viewing needs. Wherever you are sitting in the room. Your TV and LED TV mount fits seamlessly into your decor. Everything you would expect from Europe’s leading brand in TV mounts.