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Datapath - VisionRGB-PRO2 Capture Cards

Datapath - VisionRGB-PRO2 Capture Cards


A stand alone PCI plug in card, the VisionRGB-PRO2 captures the display output (e.g. the analogue RGB data) from one source and then displays it as an independent application, on your Windows® desktop. The VisionRGB-PRO2 video capture cards have 2 VGA compatible inputs for simultaneously feeding 2 independent data sources directly into your main PC.

The data is then converted on the VisionRGB-PRO2 and displayed as a standard Windows® application on your desktop. All your data in one place and no need for that dedicated monitor.

The VisionRGB-PRO2 capture cards can be operated with any standard graphics adapter and is supplied with Windows® XP-PRO drivers. For applications requiring improved update rates and lower systems overhead then we recommend using theVantage4 range of graphics card adapters.

The VisionRGB software, when used with the Datapath graphics cards, implements direct DMA to the graphics texture memory. The captured RGB is then rendered to the display using hardware texture mapping direct DMA to the graphics texture memory.

The captured RGB is then rendered to the display using hardware texture mapping to greatly improve performance. This implementation dramatically improves update rates when the image is up-scaled as would be required with video wall and data wall applications.

Up to 32 VisionRGB-PRO2 video capture cards can be installed in a single system, providing up to 64 channels of RGB capture.

Each part of the up-scaled image is rendered by the associated graphics processor, effectively parallel processing the up-scaling process.

The VisionRGB-PRO2 video capture card is also supplied with a powerful software application for configuring the timing, the format of the input sources and the displaying the captured data. We also provide an SDK so you can interface the VisionRGB-PRO2 to your own applications.


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