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~sedna presenter 3 - RFID

~sedna presenter 3 - RFID


Enhance ~sedna presenter with more dynamic user interaction. By using our RFID sensor you are able to control your playlists externally. For instance, this is a great solution for shopping malls to show branded advertising. RFID is already fully supported
by ~sedna presenter.

An RFID-tag is a microelectronic circuit with a transmit and receive antenna with a control and data unit.

Our small USB RFID sensor supports all kind of 125 KHz transponders. It reads a wide range of transponders such as Unique, Hitag1, Hitag2, HitagS, Q5, Atmel5577, Titan, and EM-4XXX. The reading distance is up to 100 mm depending on the transponder size.

System Requirements

  • Presenter Player, Presenter Player Pro, or Presenter Player 4k

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