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~sedna presenter 3 - Presenter Creator

~sedna presenter 3 - Presenter Creator


Presenter Creator is the cornerstone of the ~sedna software suite and the starting point for preparing and scheduling content. Compose, create, edit, and update content, playlists, and arrangements all in one application and with the simplicity of use that ~sedna has offered time and time again.

An intuitive interface and a built-in Player makes working with contents both entertaining and productive. From building a composition from scratch to polishing and updating tried and true playlists, the Creator’s design is simple and effective and most settings and commands can be accomplished by simple drag and drop.


  • Comprehensive range of media assets
  • Arrangement-based project layouting
  • Built-in effects for media editing
  • Integrated scripting and network command functions


  • Convenient content management options
  • Multiple projects
  • Integrated calendar
  • Arrangement layout archiving


  • Video with transparency / alpha channel support ().
  • Images (including transparency support)
  • Video streaming
  • Realtime video capture (up to HD-SDI and 2k resolution)
  • Realtime computer capture (HDMI, DVI)
  • Text
  • Text tickers (RSS feeds, etc.)
  • Quartz compositions (qtz)
  • HTML (also interactive)
  • Flash files (swf)
  • Audio files
  • Any third-party application via VNC (PowerPoint, Director, Office, etc.)


  • Client/server architecture

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