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Datapath - Image4 Graphics Cards

Up to 10 cards for a max of 40 display channels

Datapath - Image4 Graphics Cards


Image4 operates under Windows® Vista/XP/7/Server 2008 and spreads the Windows desktop across the multi display. Both portrait and landscape display configurations are supported. Ideal for digital signage applications and multi screen solutions.

The Image4 is supplied with two analog VGA splitter cables (RGB-S-cable) and one sync lock cable.

The Image4-DVI is supplied with two DVI splitter cables (DVI-S-cable) and one sync lock cable.

Software Included:

Special multi display driver for use with Windows® XP, Windows® 7, Windows® Vista 64bit and Windows® Server (2003 & 2008) . The function of the multi display driver is to present one large desktop to the Windows operating system. The multi-screen driver will support up to a maximum of 40 screens.

Wall Control-red presents a representational window of the entire display video wall showing position and size of video windows

Video Walls

Image4 is also compatible with the Datapath Vision range of video capture cards for systems requiring SD, HD, RGB or DVI video overlays. Video windows can be positioned and sized anywhere on the multi display.

Using the Vision range of video capture cards combined with the Image4, high end video wall systems can be constructed supporting up to 40 displays with 128 SD windows and 32 HD/RGB/DVI windows.


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