Version 2.7.3 of ~sedna presenter

Posted on December 06, 2010

We are happy to announce that the new version 2.7.3 of ~sedna presenter is shipping now!

We have a new enhanced version of Presenter Scheduler Plus, auto scheduling and campaign management is even easier and better than before: You can define rules for assets such as duration, validity dates and put them different time slots. A simple auto schedule process will fill the calendar with your content and mix it with fill content for a defined time period.

Scheduler Plus also features new playback types to improve the spreading of your assets according to their duration. That way you have better control of playback frequency settings and the playout of assets.

The algorithm for auto scheduling has been optimized to give you the best auto scheduling for your assets. You enter the paramters, Scheduler Plus does the math for you. Of course manual adjustments are still possible if you need to refine anything.

The brand new setup and timeslot assistant is really helpful to define your way how to handle assets and how to work with timeslots generally. You can get started with your campaign in no time.

Presenter Scheduler Plus is ideal for automatic generation of schedules for Digital Signage marketing campaigns. For instance you can run different advertising spots and information videos at the airport, shopping malls, public transport and many more use case scenarios.