Version 2.0 of Presenter Player for iPad

Posted on December 24, 2010

Compact self-contained computer and display

We have wonderful Christmas surprise for you: the new version 2.0 of Presenter Player for iPad* is shipping now!Brand new is the feature for interactive web pages support. HTML content now brings additional interactivity to your Digital Signage project additionally to the already known Playlist on touch feature. This provides a total different way providing websites and HTML based interaction elements.But wait, there's more! The new Presenter Player for iPad now also supports Presenter Publisher, so your Digital Signage projects can easily be distributed via a web space of your choice and your iPad Players will download them automatically.As a self-contained computer and display, iPad is ideal for shelves in retail, POIs and POSs and many other applications.The Player for iPad App supports 1 content layer, 1 text ticker and media formats like movies, pictures and web pages.You can even create simple video walls using the multiscreen features of ~sedna presenter (synchronization to the internal clocks of the iPads only).Enjoy this unique Digital Signage solution for iPad.