Sedna Presenter Updates : Toolbox & Scheduler Plus

Posted on October 01, 2010

Two new powerful products

We are happy to announce that the new version 2.7.2 of ~sedna presenter is shipping now!

 We have two great new powerful products in our ~sedna presenter product family.

1. Presenter Scheduler Plus is based on the Content Creation, Management and Distributing software Presenter Scheduler.

In addition to the standard functionality you are able to do Campaign Management. You can define rules for assets that you add to your project such as duration, validity and put them different time slots. A simple auto schedule process will fill the calendar with your content and mix it with fill content for a defined time period. 

Presenter Scheduler Plus is ideal for automatic generation of schedules for Digital Signage marketing campaigns. For instance you can run different advertising spots and information videos at the airport, shopping malls, public transport and many more use case scenarios.

We are sure that Presenter Scheduler Plus will reinvent the Digital Signage market with the campaign generator feature.

2. Our new Presenter Toolbox is the essential application to save time and reduce resources for setup and administration if you work with several Macs powered by Presenter Player.

Installing and licensing Presenter Player for instance can be done centrally and very quickly. Tedious manual adjustments and settings on Player computers can be automated. You have remote access to the common parameters like volume, energy saver settings and restart options. With Presenter Toolbox you can also track your Macs from one central location. The proof of playback log gathering from players lets you access what content was played to what certain time in order to create billing reports and so on. Furthermore you can retrieve screen shots from all your Presenter Players to actually see what’s going on your displays. 

Presenter Toolbox is available in two different versions:

Presenter Toolbox for 10 managed Systems is the right product to manage up to 10 Presenter Player Macs in a network.