~sedna presenter 3

Posted on October 21, 2011

Upgrade by the end of 2011

What’s new in ~sedna presenter 3?
In a nutshell: A lot! We have completely re-written major parts of the code and added many new great features in ~sedna presenter 3.

When will ~sedna presenter 3 be available?
By the end of this year. We will inform you of the official release date on our web page. Customers who have purchased upgrades (see below) will receive an e-mail a few weeks in advance.

When is the best time to upgrade or buy?
The best time is now! Current customers are eligible for significant discounts and new users will enjoy immediate access to version 2 and when ~sedna presenter 3 becomes available, receive the new version free of charge.

How much does the upgrade cost?
Here’s a detailed chart for the upgrade from version 2 to ~sedna presenter 3.

How do I proceed as a new customer?
Contact us to purchase your version 2 licenses now.All the licenses you purchase now will be upgraded to version 3 for free!

How do I proceed as current customer?
If you already have version 2 licenses you can purchase upgrades to version 3 until the release date and save up to 45% off the regular upgrade price. 

Can I use version 2 installations with ~sedna presenter 3?
Version 2 cannot be mixed with version 3 due to changes in software architecture and the new feature set. However, we will provide you with a migration importer so you can bring most of your version 2 projects into ~sedna presenter 3.You can of course continue to use version 2 of our software as long as you like but please be aware that we will not continue to develop new features for it.

More questions?
Feel free to contact us. Or use our online contact form.