Sedna Presenter 3.3.1

Posted on May 08, 2014

New Version

~sedna presenter version 3.3.1 is now available. The newest version of our award-winning digital signage software has some useful new features to help you work with images and videos better. We've also updated the licensing procedures.

Render Target Extension
A new workaround for driver issues with Mac OS X 10.9, which may cause performance issues on multiscreen setups. This option extends the visible screen by a single pixel line or row. You must position this line correctly because it could be visible on the screen next to it. Learn more.

Auto Adjust Framerate 
A new option in Presenter Player which is active by default and results in much smoother playback on the vast majority of setups. Learn more.

Image Optimization 
You can use image optimization to apply a degree of rescaling and visual effects to image assets. You'll probably want it on most of the time, but there are use cases where you may want to deactivate it. Learn more.

You can now deactivate your ~sedna presenter license on your Mac and reactivate it on another. You can do this two times without having to contact us for reactivation. Learn more.