~sedna is the winner of the Digital Signage Best Practice Award 2010

Posted on November 09, 2010

Category of Retail Signage

We are very happy to announce that ~sedna presenter has won another award: the viscom Digital Signage Best Practice Award 2010 in the category of Retail Signage! 
~sedna GmbH asserted itself against five co-nominations in the category Retail Signage. The jury praised the attractive system design with Digital Signage and sales-supporting elements:  "~sedna presenter shows an ideal combination of products that are for information displays and at the same time for sales promotion and more. Its rich feature set and open system architecture can achieve outstanding results and is completely scalable."

The Digital Signage Best Practice competition gives awards to well-conceived Digital Signage projects which, right from the initial design stage through to placement, selection, design and control of the displays, achieve their defined goal.