Refresh your Datapath x4 knowledge !!

Posted on August 29, 2013

Future proof for UHD !

  • High Resolution – Dual link DVI input allows Ultra HD and higher input resolutions
  • Up Scaling – each monitor receives its native resolution and frame rate i.e. 1080P@60Hz per screen
  • Bespoke Cropping – individually & independently choose the region of content each monitor displays
  • Bezel Correction – programmable allowance for bezels allowing seamless output display
  • Rotation & Mirroring – allows creative installations i.e. portrait & custom configurations
  • Image Overlap – all or part of the content can be repeated on multiple outputs
  • Configuration Memory – once programmed the x4 will work as a stand-alone controller
  • Programmable EDID – alter the input resolution to match the content to the total display area
  • DVI boost – input equalisation and signal boost for long DVI cables over 3m in length
  • Scalable Solution – use multiple x4’s with a dL8 for large walls of up to 32 screens and larger