Picturall Update 1.2

Posted on December 22, 2010

New blending system, parameter feedback and much more....

These are some of the features of the new update : 

• Display division
Displays can now be divided into grid of virtual displays. Virtual displays act exactly as normal diplays. This allows total control of displays connected to video wall controller. 

• New edge blending system
Edge blending system has been updated. Display sizes are now automatically calculated from blend amounts. Short examle for making three projector blend of displays 1,2 and 3: Press Display control -> Display wizard. Enter display numbers (1), grid size (3 x 1) and aspect ratio (16 : 9) and press create. Displays will be automatically added to group 1. Adjust keystone to make projector images equal height rectangles that are partly overlaping. Use "Display borders" test image. Select "Blend areas" test image and set edge blends. Drag edge blend area border to adjacent projector image border. In this case you have to set edge blend right to projector 1, edge blend left and right to projector 2 and edge blend left to projector 3. Press "Make blend" to nalize edge blend.

• Projection angle correction
Angle controls in "Keystone & Edge blending" tab allow easy control for making linear image when video projector placing is not optimal.

• Parameter feedback
Server now broadcasts changed parameters to every connected Commander instance. This means that multiple Commanders and external controllers can be used cooperatively together for controlling single server.