Picturall Octo 2.0.0 is finally ready!

Posted on December 19, 2013

Release highlights for 2.0.0 release

This end-of-year major version release means that the Picturall media servers and the Picturall Commander user interface face the New year with new looks, new tricks and a new user experience. The changes are most apparent in Picturall Commander which has gone through a full-out overhaul, but with the brand new cue system, the entire Picturall product family has taken a great stride into a new era. 

Picturall Commander's new dark grey color scheme gives a better comfort of use in real operating and setup surroundings, which are often dimly lit or outright dark. New user interface elements such as icons, highlight colors, control tabs and panels are all designed to give you a good grasp of the big picture and everything that's going on at a glance. 

* You can now program your show using the by cue-based system 

* The Picturall Commander user interface was completely rewritten! 

You can download the server using the same installer as in previous releases. Installer can be downloaded from our support pages: http://www.picturall.com. 

Picturall Commander (GUI) package will be automatically downloaded to the installation USB stick during server installation procedure. Contact BLINKBLINK of PICTURALL for support.