NOS studio’s up and running

Posted on August 15, 2012

The NOS studio's are going live !! Picturall & Datapath X4 at work.

The large video canvas, that seems to float in front of the illuminated led wall, is composed of no less than 274 separate video cubes. In studio 8 the total playback resolution is the equivalent to 12 times HD next to each other. The playback power is provided with the Picturall Octo media server. To multiply the outputs theDatapath X4 is connected to each output of the server. Each output provides a 3840 x 1080 pixels playback, the X4 crops out 2 X HD and the Octo "sees" there outputs as independent screens. The Picturall Octo media server has an input slot to feed 4 HDSDI feeds from the studio matrix. The rest of the content is uploaded ot the server, custom software enables the crew to playback all the media as a cuelist.


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